akademi usahawan mikro

Akademi Usahawan Mikro

Who We Are

Based on our 5 years of experience, one of the biggest challenges for Local Business Owners especially Micro Entrepreneurs to grow their business is the access to knowledge & access to capital. Thus, Akademi Usahawan Mikro will be established as a long term project to help local businesses especially Micro Entrepreneurs to get more access to business knowledge with optional accredited professional business certification through our Micro Millionaires Acceleration Program (m-MAP) up to 1 year (6 months Masterskills + 6 months Take Home Program & Action Plan) of comprehensive practical learning experience and providing them with an opportunity to enhance their Personal and Business Profile. With the profiles, they will be more ready to meet their stakeholders like Local Capital Investors, Angel Investors, Financiers, Business Partners, Government & Semi-Government, JV Partners, Co-Partners, Suppliers and Clients This will help them to develop themselves and grow their business from being Micro Entrepreneurs to Macro Enterprises within 2 years after graduating from Akademi Usahawan Mikro.

Our Vision

Be The First

To be the pioneer and leading Academy in Malaysia in helping the Local Business Owners especially Micro Entrepreneurs to grow their business and profitability through an enhanced personal and business profile


To become the most preferred Academy in Malaysia by the Local Business Owners especially Micro Entrepreneurs to gain knowledge and enhance their personal and business profiles and then engaged with Local Capital Investors


To establish at least 10 more Akademi Usahawan Mikro in Malaysia by 2nd year in operation in Malaysia

International Academy

To open our first branch regionally latest by 3 years in operation in Malaysia


To be accredited by Local or International Education Institution

Our Mission


To enhance personal and business profile of the local business owners especially micro entrepreneurs


To accelerate their personal development and business growth from being micro entrepreneurs to macro enterprises


To certify them with accredited professional business certification


To provide an opportunity to engage with Local Capital Investors


To make them ready and qualified to meet Micro Financiers like Maybank, PNS and BSN